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Hello, my name is Ashley Lorelle


I grew up noticing things. Beautiful things.  Things that many people seemed to pass by, not noticing the unique significance of a trampled dandelion, pine sap collecting on the bark of a tree, or the lazy day-to-day routine of a honey bee's work day. These are things that simply exist. They do not need elaboration. I have always been fascinated by these small, tiny things. Maybe it was because I grew up exploring the woods behind my house and laying flat on my belly in the middle of a cornfield, plastic horses in hand, creating tiny hoof print patterns in the soil.

Growing up in my small town was inspiring. It showed me that life can be ugly and dark while simultaneously filled with beauty.  That natural darkness is reflected in my writing, especially in my poems and short stories. Writing is like stringing together a necklace of charms and gemstones. Some of them are dark, others are light. In the end they come together to create a whole piece of beauty. Creating life, like creating stories, is a messy process. No two methods are ever the same. The end result are beautiful.

Despite all this quiet beauty, I grew up on fire-desperate to make my mark on the world. I want to make this mark in anyway I can. I want to tell stories and I want to help others tell their stories as well. I want to make the world a more beautiful place. I want to help other girls like me live a life full of magick, beauty, trust, and love.


Unable to settle on any one way to achieve all these goals, I have decided to do everything I love in order to live a completely authentic and unique life

I have victimized myself in the past by trying to become whomever I thought would be the "it" thing to be at a time. I go through flurries and months of indecision. I want to become everything and everyone I see and participate in every activity I observe. At twenty-seven, I still do not know what I want to do when I grow up. I am not alone in this. But my inability to decide on the type of person to become has left me stranded in one spot. 

I have decided to stop trying to become someone, and just settle on being myself.


A Brief Life History


  • I was born in Webster, NY and raised in Marion, NY, about thirty minutes outside of Rochester
  • My mother owned (and still owns to this day) a Quarter Horse and Paint Horse breeding and training business. I grew up caring for horses and doing hard labor around the farm
  • I graduated from Marion Jr-Sr High School in 2006 and moved to Albany


  • Published my first written work, A New Flesh and several poems
  • Graduated with a B.A. in English Literature



  • Moved back to Rochester, NY and began working as a freelance writer and sales specialist for Lowe's Companies
  • In 2013 I met my fiancé, Tim Hildebrand. He is the owner and mastermind behind Surviving Spark Studios
  • In 2013 I was accepted to the Integrated Marketing Communications Masters program at West Virginia University 
  • In August of 2013 I was promoted to Department Manager at Lowe's



  • In 2015 I left Lowe's to focus on school work full time and to pursue my goal to work in the creative marketing field
  • I Eat Books, a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to my love of literature was launched in August of 2015
  • I became a merchandiser for jewelry company Chloe + Isabel in September of 2015

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